Pajottenlander specializes in
cultivation, processing and trading of organic fruit.


Since the establishment of the company in 1987, the range has grown to a complete line of fruit and vegetable juices, and fruit preparations, under the brandnames Pajottenlander and POM.


A wide range of raw materials and half-finished fruit based products is available for large-scale consumers.


Due to an excellent professionality, great passion and fair trade principles, the company continues to grow steadily since the very beginning.

pure fruit, pure juice, pure joy

NEW: Taste our delicious power drink based on pomegranate, beet and cherries.

Pajottenlander Power drink is a healthy drink to improve your sports performance.

  • Efforts in sports can be sustained longer.
  • The endurance is improved.
  • Less inflammation and stiffness of the muscles.
  • Better recovery of the muscle function after a heavy effort.


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