The lost gardens of Khajuraho
project of Intach Belgium

It is known that India has been an utterly fertile country as long as agriculture was practised respecting nature's laws. In less than 100 years however, parts of India eroded from fertile land to desert.

Three main basic causes lead to this dramatic situation :

  • An almost complete lack of water supply, mainly caused by the absense of monsoon rains, but also by the overexploitation of the groundwater reserves (due to overpopulation and non-sustainable irrigation techniques).
  • Enormous deforestation and large scale monocultures affecting soil fertility.
  • Free ranging cattle eating all of the scarce remaining plant growth and trampling the delicate upper soil layer.


An historical-cultural and agricultural project “The Lost Gardens of Khajuraho” in the federal state Madhya Pradesh aims at the restoration of the 18th century gardens with special attention to the reforestation and adapted agricultural techniques, biological diversity, employment of the local population and the social position of woman.

In a section of the gardens, Intach has already realized a tree nursery with domestic varieties. Another section has returned to its original purpose as mango-orchard. The structuring of this orchard is carried out according to the principles of agro-forestry.
Being keen ourselves on preserving standard tree orchards, we are more than happy to support this project.

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