Being a specialized organissation, Landwijzer offers two trainings:

  • a training in organic and bio-dynamic agriculture, which takes 2 years
  • a training in agriculture and caretaking, which takes 1 year


The 2 years-training is unique in Flandres. It offers a perfect stepstone for professional jobs in bio-dynamic agricuture, on an organic farm with people who need special care or in a framing function in the organic sector (public relations, research, information, direct marketing, etc.)


During the training one gets a broad technical basic knowledge about the main agrarian sectors: organic crop growing, agriculture, cattle breeding, fruit cultivation. all of this is given from a global ecological vision and perspective on agriculture and nutrition, including the bio-dynamic approach.

Further information is available on or  0032 /32 81 56 00

Pajottenlander oat drink
Oat Pajottenland