Pajottenlander specializes in cultivation, processing and trading of organic fruit.

Ever since we started in 1987 we pursue  our initial values:

  1. Quality first. Transparent traceability, from raw material up to final products, checked up and inspected bij the organic control agency Tüv-Nord / Integra. 
    All our juices are pure and directly made, not out of concentrates, with no need of any flavour added in order to have a delicious taste.
  2. Caring about environment:
    Fruit mainly originating from standard orchards.
    Brown refundable bottles.
    Utilizing 100% recycled paper for all our prints and labels.
  3. Caring about humanity and society:
    Ethical and durable relationships with all our partners.
    Supporting social and ecological projects.
    Fair trade = fair prices, also for fruit cultivators in our own regions.



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