The organic method of agriculture does not make use of artificial fertilizers or chemical pesticides. It aims to improve soil fertility as to give optimum reinforcement to the natural resistance of plants and animals. In organic fruit growing this is achieved by manuring, adequate pruning and striving for an ecological balance.


Standard orchards
are a valuable landscape element and a biotope for many birds and other animals. By adding an economic function to these orchards, Pajottenlander actively pursues their preservation. At the same time, they provide us with unrivalled, aroma-rich fruits.



The use of refundable glass bottles also contributes to an improved environmental protection. According to various LCAs (life cycle analyses), refundable bottles are the most environment-friendly way of packaging. The energy balance of refundable bottles depends on bottle weight, distance to the production site, the number of times the bottle can be reused and the percentage of bottles being returned. A high score for this packaging results in a better ecobalance.


In every aspect, we are looking for environment-friendly solutions such as biodegradable cups for sampling, 100% recycled paper, minimal use of printed paper and publicity as well as green electricity.

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