fruit processing

Fruit and vegetables are squeezed freshly, as soon as possible after harvesting. Then the juice is pasteurised and bottled or stored in tanks. No additives and/or concentrates whatsoever are used in this process.

Because of our assortment's great diversity, we have teamed up with specialised firms for our production. That allows us to select partners who best meet our standards in terms of hygiene, price and quality.


Pajottenlander owes its delicious flavour to a fine selection of different varieties.
The painstaking follow-up of the production process guarantees top quality juice rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Pajottenlander fruit and vegetable juices are freshly squeezed, in other words, they are not concentrate-based.

Thanks to pasteurisation, the fresh juice can be stored for up to 24 months (up to 18 months for citrus fruit juice).

Brown bottles are best to retain the juice’s quality, better than white or green glass and still better than carton packaging.


All juices are 100% pure, unsweetened, without any additions and not made from concentrates.


The fruit and vegetable juices are available at most health food shops under the generic brand name  Pajottenlander.

A few juices are also available in small bottles (0,2 L) under the brand name POM

Pajottenlander oat drink
Oat Pajottenland